C'est la vie, my yoga journey
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Coming out with Yoga

When I was a teenager, I went to my first yoga class. I already had back issues due to scoliosis and my mum thought it would be a great idea to give it a try. I hated it.

I was used to doing movements that my physiotherapist had taught me, so I carried on with that form of fitness therapy. Let me tell you now that I have never been great at sports. I have a long thin body and my clumsiness couldn’t have helped less (especially at games involving a ball!). My back was causing me a lot of pain each time I was skipping my physio exercises but I found them boring. I was looking for new entertaining ways to get stronger. This is when I discovered Pilates. Pilates seemed to be a great way to strengthen my back and have fun. I was watching videos online and going to a few classes here and there.

backpacking styleAt 27, I quit my job in Paris and went backpacking solo through South-East Asia. I was going through a lot emotionally and I was ready to try new things. In the middle of the exploring and partying, I found Yoga again. During my 4 months of travels I went to as many classes that were on my road as I could. I tried different styles with very different teachers coming from diverse countries and cultures. Most of the time, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was having a lot of fun but also felt a sort of embarrassment. I found myself to be quite clumsy and most of all my flexibility was close to zero. I couldn’t touch my ankles bending forward while most other yogis were folding into two or at least touching their feet. I also had in my head memories of all the names I used to be called when I was younger (stick, giraffe etc) . I didn’t care much, after all I was far away, and didn’t take yoga very seriously, but, I kinda felt like it would never really be for me.


I found a lot of comfort in YogaAfter traveling through Asia, I decided to try settle in Australia. I didn’t have many friends at first so going to Yoga seemed like a good activity for me. I found a lot of comfort in Yoga then. I felt very lonely and I was struggling with my visa situation. Yoga brought me positive energy and my body was starting to move with more ease. I was finally enjoying a good stretch and seeing some progress. I was getting more and more into it, but always without taking it very seriously (not that it should).

better care of myself
One day, while washing my hair, I collapsed in the shower. My back was completely seized. I couldn’t breath without pain. I struggled to get out of the bathroom and crawled to my bed. I was crying with pain, completely panicked with what was happening. I had never experienced that kind of pain and immobility. A friend came to help, I took painkillers and the next day went to the closest physiotherapist. I was reassured that nothing was serious at all. Just my old scoliosis reminding me that I am not Wonder Woman. At the time, I was juggling two, sometimes three jobs. A few weeks of skipping my back exercises and here I was, feeling a hundred years old… That’s when I decided to take better care of myself.

When I left Australia (my work Visa not leading anywhere) and started a career in yachting, I went on doing my own Yoga-Pilates practice by myself. Being on the water I had very few opportunities of joining classes. It was good enough to maintain a healthy back and became the best way for me to find some peace.

Nicaragua running

Feeling free and happy in Nicaragua

Three years ago, I went to Nicaragua, again by myself. The little hotel where I chose to stay by Playa Maderas, offered Yoga classes in the morning. There, by the ocean, I needed to recharge my batteries and find balance. I guess that’s why I enjoyed the Yoga so much! I looked up at the teacher. She was about my age and was on a solo-journey. I felt some kind of a revelation. I wanted to feel as free and happy as all those yoga teachers I met on my travels. I wanted to feel as happy on holidays as in everyday life.

yachting morning

One the most amazing morning views doing some yoga before work. Yoga brought me to appreciate the smallest things, find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Going back to work, I decided to make Yoga part of my life for good. I started feeling pride and respect for a practice often perceived as an activity for hippies. Some of my colleagues started to be interested in what I was doing on the deck of the boat. They all had tense bodies and were suffering from stress (yachting is not a walk in the park as you may imagine). I had no idea how to explain Yoga to others but I enjoyed sharing my practice.

Three months ago, I made the decision to go on a Yoga Teacher Training course. I was terrified. I really wanted to understand Yoga better, practice correct sequences and learn the poses right. But I didn’t feel legitimate being called a Yoga Teacher yet. Reality was that I was already being asked by friends and family members to do Yoga with them. So in a way I was already teaching, and I was very scared of harming anyone with an incorrect move. I owed it to others as much as to myself to practice Yoga correctly. So it was with a lot of doubts and fear (will I be able to, will I look stupid, will others be way better and so on) that I signed for the retreat. I have learnt so much more than I thought I would. The fear transformed into fire, that I used to overcome the boundaries I had set for myself.

yoga crow


It’s been one month since I received my certification. Filled with motivation and fresh knowledge I am ready to share my practice with more confidence. I know that through teaching I will learn a lot more.

I am proud to say that I am a Yogi

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