About me / A propos

I was born and raised in the South of France, and I always wanted to travel. In 2007, I left France to study in Dublin, Ireland and have since traveled to 33 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, North and Central America.

In 2008, I started this blog while studying for my Master degree in Business Communication. In 2014, I left a rewarding career in advertising to pursue my passion for traveling. I found another beautiful career shortly after leaving Paris and my corporate job, working on Superyachts in Australia and then back home in the South of France. I felt a calling for the adventures and exciting opportunities on yachts. As a Chief Stewardess I traveled to Greece, Italy, Croatia, Turkey but also the Caribbean islands and the United States. I think that my background as a project manager naturally lead me to become an Interior Manager and then Purser. I set up a 77-meter New Build and learnt a lot about team building techniques and leadership in general. I also think that my interest in Yoga made me want to succeed not just as an individual but as a team. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I work with progressing in their career and feeling more and more confident in their role. 

I started doing Yoga while on a solo-journey in South East Asia. I had no idea yoga would lead me to finding more than physical comfort. It brought me to find a better balance and a healthier lifestyle. In 2017, I decided to deepen my practice and to become a yoga instructor. I was lucky to be able to teach yoga in beautiful surroundings onboard fantastic boats, with crew and guests of all levels and nationalities. 

In 2021, after over a decade traveling the world (an a worldwide pandemic), I decided it was time to settle. I have started my own company with my Australian fiancé and we are now offering our services to yachts and villas in the South of France. 

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing these posts!

Anya xxx

contact : anya.steeleyachting@gmail.com


  1. Cécilia says

    Bravo pour ton blog, vraiment très intéressant et surtout très appétissant!
    miam miam

  2. Coucou Anastasia!

    Et bien voilà, depuis la dernière fois que je t’ai contactée, j’ai enfin lancé mon blog! Comme c’est le tien qui m’avait bien motivé pour le faire, j’ai mis ton blog en lien. Pour l’instant je parle beaucoup de communication agroalimentaire, j’attends de trouver un sujet plus culinaire la prochaine fois!

    J’attends avec impatience ton prochain article. Bonne continuation en tous cas.


  3. aurelie says

    je suis Fan ! super Blog clair et présentation fine comme les plats ;)
    je t’embrasse

  4. Lio et Martine says

    ART DE VIVRE… ton blog en met plein les yeux et nous donne l’eau à la bouche !

    Tendres pensées de Lio et Martine

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