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Fast and Curious in Havana

I wasn’t planning to post anything about Cuba, I only got to see Havana for a short time. But I keep hearing that song on the radio (“half of my heart is in Havana…”) so I figured it was a sign…right? I quickly stopped by Havana last year, while on a work trip on my last boat. I could only visit for a couple days, so I did all the touristic stuff I guess… even so I did feel I caught a good glimpse of the culture and life there. I loved the music, it was beautiful and seems to be everywhere you go. I loved the mix of old cars, historical buildings and the old town. Cubans are very friendly, and made the trip so much more interesting. I went on a cigar tour, although I don’t smoke I really enjoyed learning about cigars. I also went to the Rum distillery of Havana Club…and although I do love rum, the tour was quite short and we were too many tourists together at the same …

Is one week in Costa Rica enough?

  I had been wanting to go to Costa Rica for the last two years. Last December, I finally found the courage to book my Yoga Teacher Training and it happened to be located in Costa Rica! How amazing it was to do two of my favourite things together: explore a new country and learn more yoga! Even more extraordinary, I convinced my friend Maxine to join me for one week before the training. I remember making beds on the boat we used to work on together, thinking about the day we would go travel, and how much we talked about going to Costa Rica… it seemed so far and so impossible to make it… but we talked about it so much! Because we were short on time, we decided to focus on only two destinations: Tamarindo Beach and the Arenal Volcano. To travel around Costa Rica, we rented a 4×4 car. The roads were actually mostly in good conditions, but having a 4×4 seemed like the safest option.  We got the car delivered to us at …

4 weeks in Mexico : Tulum, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido and Merida

I just spent one month in Mexico, the first week by myself and the following 3 weeks with friends. Was I scared to go there by myself ? Yes! Would I do it again? Absolutely! From Tulum to Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, we stuck to main tourist paths, and still got to experience a lot of the mexican culture while enjoying a beautiful holiday destination. I fell in love with Mexico. Here are my best (and worst) experience in Mexico.