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Out in South Africa

Last month I was in South Africa to attend my friends’ wedding by the ocean. It was my second trip to RSA, so I decided to go back to some of my favourite places too. In only one week I enjoyed both the beautiful coast of Wilderness and the vineyards of Stellenbosch. Time slowed down and one week felt like one month. I love South Africa and if you’re contemplating going for a short trip, maybe you’d enjoy some of my favourite spots too!   The wedding took place between the ocean and lush forest in the small town of Wilderness. What a stunning place to celebrate love! The reception was intimate, relaxed, authentic and simple in a beautiful way. They were married in the same place they met. It’s the kind of story that never gets old! Wilderness is about five hours drive East from Cape Town (road work dependent, where seemingly, no roadwork is actually occurring… welcome to RSA btw). We took the fastest road to get there in time, but it is definitely worth taking the ocean …

Fast and Curious in Havana

I wasn’t planning to post anything about Cuba, I only got to see Havana for a short time. But I keep hearing that song on the radio (“half of my heart is in Havana…”) so I figured it was a sign…right? I quickly stopped by Havana last year, while on a work trip on my last boat. I could only visit for a couple days, so I did all the touristic stuff I guess… even so I did feel I caught a good glimpse of the culture and life there. I loved the music, it was beautiful and seems to be everywhere you go. I loved the mix of old cars, historical buildings and the old town. Cubans are very friendly, and made the trip so much more interesting. I went on a cigar tour, although I don’t smoke I really enjoyed learning about cigars. I also went to the Rum distillery of Havana Club…and although I do love rum, the tour was quite short and we were too many tourists together at the same …

Is one week in Costa Rica enough?

  I had been wanting to go to Costa Rica for the last two years. Last December, I finally found the courage to book my Yoga Teacher Training and it happened to be located in Costa Rica! How amazing it was to do two of my favourite things together: explore a new country and learn more yoga! Even more extraordinary, I convinced my friend Maxine to join me for one week before the training. I remember making beds on the boat we used to work on together, thinking about the day we would go travel, and how much we talked about going to Costa Rica… it seemed so far and so impossible to make it… but we talked about it so much! Because we were short on time, we decided to focus on only two destinations: Tamarindo Beach and the Arenal Volcano. To travel around Costa Rica, we rented a 4×4 car. The roads were actually mostly in good conditions, but having a 4×4 seemed like the safest option.  We got the car delivered to us at …

4 weeks in Mexico : Tulum, Oaxaca, Puerto Escondido and Merida

I just spent one month in Mexico, the first week by myself and the following 3 weeks with friends. Was I scared to go there by myself ? Yes! Would I do it again? Absolutely! From Tulum to Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido, we stuck to main tourist paths, and still got to experience a lot of the mexican culture while enjoying a beautiful holiday destination. I fell in love with Mexico. Here are my best (and worst) experience in Mexico.

My Australian Life

I have been procrastinating for too long. I wish I could just say that I was too busy to write, but let’s face it : I’ve been just too busy making the most of my time in Australia (and… ok, also, I’ve been working a lot!). So, what has happened since last time I posted something on the blog? Let’s take the time to talk about living in Australia, discovering it’s culinary culture and what has happened meanwhile back home (in France). Cela fait un moment que je n’ai rien écris sur le blog, et même si j’aimerais me trouver des excuses, j’avoue que je n’ai pas pris le temps d’écrire, puisque j’étais bien trop occupée à profiter de la vie Australienne (et ok, j’ai aussi beaucoup bossé ces derniers mois). Il est donc grand temps de me rattraper et de faire un point sur mes découvertes culinaires à Sydney et puis aussi de revenir sur les derniers événements qui ont touché la France.

Top Food Spots in Barcelona / Bonnes Adresses à Barcelone

A couple of years ago, I’ve lived for 3 months in Barcelona while working on a boat. There, I have discovered a rich and tasteful cuisine, and one of the best places to indulge yourself with delicious tapas. So, here are my favorite spots to eat in Barcelona. Il y a quelques années, j’ai passé 3 mois à Barcelone où je travaillais sur un bateau. Là-bas, j’ai découvert une cuisine riche et succulente, certainement l’un des meilleurs endroits au monde pour se faire plaisir en mode tapas-à-volonté! Voici donc ma petite liste de mes endroits préférés à Barcelone. 

How to Make Biltong : A South-African recipe / Faire son Biltong Maison : recette Sud Africaine

A few years back I travelled to South Africa. There, I have discovered a land of diversity and adversity. There I have discovered an incredible mix of cultures, resulting in an interesting variety of culinary traditions. Among them, I discovered the Biltong. Crazy as it sounds, it’s here in Australia, where I live at the moment, that I have finally had the opportunity to learn the recipe of the South African Biltong. Il y a quelques années, je suis partie voyager en Afrique du Sud. Mon rêve de petite fille était devenu réalité, une réalité certes souvent complexe et contrastée. Là-bas, j’y ai découvert une richesse culturelle et culinaire incroyable, le résultat d’un mélange de traditions issues des quatre coins du monde. J’y ai aussi découvert le Biltong. Et c’est ici en Australie, où je vis actuellement, que j’ai enfin pu en savoir plus sur sa fabrication. Comme on dit, le monde est petit !

My 12 Best and Worst Food Experience / Mes 12 Meilleures et Pires Expériences Culinaires en Voyage

I don’t generally talk a lot about myself, but since it was my birthday this month, I thought it would be the best occasion to do so :D And because I am passionate about food and travels, I decided it was time to make a list of the best and worst food experiences I had during my last 3 years of travels. Also, I love painting, so I’ve made small sketches too, I hope you’ll like them ! En général, je ne parle pas beaucoup de moi sur ce blog, mais puisque ce mois-ci c’est mon anniversaire, je me suis dit qu’il n’y avait pas meilleure occasion pour parler de soi :D Et comme mon plus grand bonheur dans la vie c’est manger et voyager, j’ai décidé qu’il serait temps de dresser un petit bilan des pires et des meilleures expériences culinaires de ces 3 dernières années de vadrouilles. Aussi, comme j’adore peindre, j’ai fait des petites illustrations, j’espère que ça vous plaira !

Indonesia : Flores and Wae Rebo village / Indonesie : Flores et le village de Wae Rebo

L’Indonésie. Étant donné les 17000 îles qui composent le paysage de ce pays aux multiples visages, il m’était difficile de faire un choix sur les lieux que je voulais visiter en particulier. J’ai donc commencé par l’île dont j’avais tellement entendu parler: Bali. Mais rapidement je me suis laissée dériver pour embarquer à bord d’un bateau en direction de l’île de Flores… Indonesia. With about 17.000 islands, it was hard to decide where exactly I wanted to go and explore the immense mix of cultures that offers this country. So I started with the must-see: the beautiful Bali. But soon I drifted and found myself on a boat direction Flores…

Back to the roots : Urban Farming

I don’t have a lot to say about Urban Farming, except that it is a trend that started with the community gardens in the US back in the 2000s’ and has not developed that well after all… although… Ok, j’ai pas grand chose à dire sur le “Urban Farming” (qu’on pourrait traduire par la ferme à la ville), mis à part que cette tendance arrivée tout droit des US dans les années 2000 avec les potagers communautaires n’a pas connu un franc succès… bien que…