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Out in South Africa

Last month I was in South Africa to attend my friends’ wedding by the ocean. It was my second trip to RSA, so I decided to go back to some of my favourite places too. In only one week I enjoyed both the beautiful coast of Wilderness and the vineyards of Stellenbosch. Time slowed down and one week felt like one month. I love South Africa and if you’re contemplating going for a short trip, maybe you’d enjoy some of my favourite spots too!   The wedding took place between the ocean and lush forest in the small town of Wilderness. What a stunning place to celebrate love! The reception was intimate, relaxed, authentic and simple in a beautiful way. They were married in the same place they met. It’s the kind of story that never gets old! Wilderness is about five hours drive East from Cape Town (road work dependent, where seemingly, no roadwork is actually occurring… welcome to RSA btw). We took the fastest road to get there in time, but it is definitely worth taking the ocean …

How to Make Biltong : A South-African recipe / Faire son Biltong Maison : recette Sud Africaine

A few years back I travelled to South Africa. There, I have discovered a land of diversity and adversity. There I have discovered an incredible mix of cultures, resulting in an interesting variety of culinary traditions. Among them, I discovered the Biltong. Crazy as it sounds, it’s here in Australia, where I live at the moment, that I have finally had the opportunity to learn the recipe of the South African Biltong. Il y a quelques années, je suis partie voyager en Afrique du Sud. Mon rêve de petite fille était devenu réalité, une réalité certes souvent complexe et contrastée. Là-bas, j’y ai découvert une richesse culturelle et culinaire incroyable, le résultat d’un mélange de traditions issues des quatre coins du monde. J’y ai aussi découvert le Biltong. Et c’est ici en Australie, où je vis actuellement, que j’ai enfin pu en savoir plus sur sa fabrication. Comme on dit, le monde est petit !