Do Collette tours include airfare?

Do tours include flights?

Yes, in most cases. If you’re ready to reserve your tour but still deciding what to do about flights, that’s okay! As long as you decide by your Tour Finalization Date (either 70 or 90 days before departure depending on your trip), adding our airfare package is as easy as giving us a call.

How many guests attend Collette Tours?


Small groups of 14-24 travelers allows access to unique places you couldn’t get to with a larger group. Spend quality time with locals during conversations, classes, and home-hosted meals. Stay in authentic hotels that reflect the destination, and capture the local spirit.

Where is Collette Tours based?

Collette opens an office in Sydney, Australia, to help travelers get the best tour experience possible, even on the other side of the world. In 2018, Collette celebrates its centennial anniversary, 100 years of business, 100 years of exploration, and 100 years of happy travelers.

Does Collette have small group tours?

Collette Explorations are small group guided tours that operate in slightly more off the beaten track locations. With a maximum group size of 18 guests, explore more than just the normal tourist hotspots but still travel in comfort with all of Collette’s premium inclusions.

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Does EF include airfare?

YES. The tour package price includes airfare. When you book your flights with EF Ultimate Break, you benefit from our travel expertise.

How much do you tip the CEO of G Adventures?

Should you tip your G Adventures CEO? Yes. That’s the short answer. If you’re wondering how much to tip your CEO, at the end of the tour, it’s customary to tip about $10 to $20 per day for each day of the tour.

Are Collette tours for seniors?

Collette Offers AARP Members More

With over 100 years in the travel industry, Collette gives you more peace of mind, more expertise, more flexibility, and more on tour.

Why are there small group tours?

Small groups have the flexibility to stay in a wider range of accommodation. Fewer big chains – more unique, comfortable and quality stays.

What travel agency does Wheel of Fortune use?

A consumer Web site designed to bring business to the Joystar network of home-based travel agents will be a sponsor on “Wheel of Fortune” for the TV game show’s entire 25th anniversary season, which debuted Sept. 10.