Which list includes subjects of national importance such as Defence of the country foreign affairs etc?

What are the subjects of national importance included in the Union List?

The Union list consists of subjects of National Importance like defence, foreign affairs, banking, atomic energy, railways, post etc.

Which administrative authority legislates on subjects of national importance like Defence foreign affairs etc?

The Union Parliament has the right to legislate on the matters or subjects in the Union list exclusively notwithstanding the clauses 2 and 3. The Parliament hence the Union Government exclusively deals with the 92 subjects mentioned in the Union list of the constitution of India.

Is National Defence included in state list?

Answer: The answer is national defence.

Which subjects are included in the Union List Class 10?

Ans. Subjects of national importance like defence, foreign affairs, atomic energy, banking, post and telegraph are included in the Union List.

Which administrative authority legislates on the subjects of national importance?

Union government:

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In India, union government has the power to legislate on residuary subject.

Which administrative authority legislates and Union List?

In India, union government has the power to legislate on Union list.

What is Union List Class 8?

The Union List is a list of subjects of national importance. These include national defence, foreign affairs, banking, communications and currency. These subjects are included in this list because there is a need for the formation of a uniform national policy on these issues.

Which of the following subjects are included in the state list?

The correct answer is (C) Agriculture. Banking, currency, communication, national resources and railways come under the union list, whereas agriculture, hospitals, libraries, fisheries, water supply, irrigation comes under the state list.

How many subjects are included in concurrent list?

The Concurrent List or List-III (Seventh Schedule) is a list of 52 items (though the last subject is numbered 47) given in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India.

What are the subjects in concurrent list?

Concurrent List Subjects:

  • Education.
  • Forest.
  • Trade unions.
  • Marriage.
  • Adoption.
  • Succession.

In which list does Defence come?

Union List – Defence, Communications, Banking.

How many subjects are there in the Union List state list and Concurrent list?

Originally there was 97 subjects in union list but now it is 100 subjects in union list. And in state list there was 66 subjects but now it is 61 subjects. And in concurrent list there was 47 subjects but now it is 52 subjects in concurrent list. as of 1st November 2021.

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