Do Band tour buses have showers?

Is there a shower on a tour bus?

Though some buses do have showers they are almost never in operation. You’ll need to shower in the venue or a day room at a hotel, if provided, when venue showers are nonexistent. When you’re tired go to your bunk, do not fall asleep in common areas. If you do you will probably wake up with a sharpie illustrated face.

What do bands do on the tour bus?

Bands usually transport equipment in a trailer, hitched to the back of the tour bus or van. Smaller bands that aren’t planning to be on the road for long periods of time will often cram their gear into a car, pickup truck, or mini-van to shuttle equipment back and forth from the venue.

Can you sleep on a tour bus?

Bottom bunks are easy to get in and out of and are also a steady/smooth bunk, but can be a little noisier since you are closer to the road. Top bunks sway a lot more, so it’s almost like sleeping in a hammock. It can be very peaceful or incredibly treacherous depending on your bus driver!

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How do musicians shower on tour?

Take A Shower

After debriefing, the band members will take it in turns to shower (as they’ll likely be sweaty following the concert). As venues are notorious for being both hot and stuffy places, many musicians will opt for a cold shower after a show.

Can you go to a hotel just to shower?

Take a shower, fool! But even if it’s not in the budget to get a hotel in each town, you can still rent many hotel rooms at “day room” rates, meaning you’ll have access to a room for a couple hours to shower, nap, get dressed, and get out. Not every hotel offers this service, but it’s worth asking.

What do bands eat on tour?

Trail Mix: This mix of dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and sometimes even a bit of candy is nutritious and delicious. Raw Veggies: Veggies like carrots, radishes, and cucumbers are easy to take on the road, and they’ll hold up rather well.

How long do bands tour for?

I’d say your average tour length for your average local band going out on the road would be around 2 weeks at most with 11 or 12 shows. You can tour for as long as you can book shows and don’t run out of money. In my old band Sirens and Serenades we did tours for about 2 months straight at a time.

How do bands travel?

Musical instruments, tools and electronics are packed into custom-made steel cases and “work boxes” so they can be transported safely. These boxes are very heavy and the need to stay upright, they are rolled onto pallets and wrapped tightly so they are safe when in transit.

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Can you use the bathroom on a tour bus?

There is a Bathroom

Charter buses all come equipped with a bathroom facility including a sink. You’ll likely be traveling for hours at a time so it’s good to know that you won’t have to hold it. Bus drivers and group leaders, however, do plan regular bathroom breaks.

Are tour buses comfortable?

As safe and tranquil as traveling via motor coach is, passengers can make their trip even more pleasant with a little extra planning. Here are seven tips to ensure your time spent touring by bus is the ultimate in comfort. Most motor coaches have comfy seats that recline slightly and a climate-controlled environment.

Why do bands have rugs on stage?

Bands play on rugs to soften the stage, hide wires, reduce noise, and keep their instruments in place. Rugs provide traction as well as cushioning beneath musicians’ feet. In particular, oriental rugs are popular because of their stylish look and comfortable feel.

Where can I shower if I live in my car?

6 Ways to Shower When You Live in a Van

  • Gym Pass. Get your sexy little ass a gym pass. …
  • City Recreation/Swim Centers. Easy peasy. …
  • Roadshower. …
  • Propane Heated Shower. …
  • Friends and Family. …
  • Public Beaches/Campground.

How do you do laundry on tour?

How Do Bands Do Laundry On Tour?

  1. The Local Laundromat. …
  2. Use The Hotel Laundry Room. …
  3. Book An Airbnb With Laundry. …
  4. Ask Your Followers For Help. …
  5. Ask If The Venue Has Laundry. …
  6. Bring Lots of Spare Clothes. …
  7. Go To A Dry Cleaner. …
  8. Wash In A Sink & Blow Or Drip Dry.
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