What is meant by special interest tourism?

What does special interest tourism include?

Special interest tourism is a niche market, similar to adventure tourism, but it differs in that it involves little or no physical exertion. The special interest may be a one-off interest (for example, going on a safari, white-water-rafting or shark-cage-diving) or an ongoing interest (for example, spiritual tourism).

What is meant by specialist tourism?

Special interest tourism. Special interest tourism is defined as travelling with the primary motivation of practising or enjoying a special interest. This can include unusual hobbies, activities, themes or destinations, which tend to attract niche markets.

How many types of special interest tourism are there?

2.1. Discuss the range and classification of tourism products and services available to travellers. There are many kinds of special tourism interest; it can be educational tourism, sports tourism, sex tourism, health and beauty tourism, arts and entertainment tourism and a lot more.

Why is it important to know the special interest in the destination?

The interaction between tourists and poor communities can provide a number of intangible and practical benefits. These can range from increased awareness of cultural, environmental, and economic issues and values, on both sides, to mutual benefits from improved local investment in infrastructure.

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When did special interest tourism start?

Special interest tourism (SIT) has rapidly grown in volume and value across both the developed and developing worlds since the 1980s, fuelled on the one hand by the increasing diversity of leisure inter- ests which characterise contemporary society (Douglas et al., 2001; Trauer, 2006), and on the other by a more …

What is special interest guide?

Definition of a Special Interest Travel Guide

Rather than having a broad focus, a special interest travel guide provides an in-depth look at a specific location or interest within a destination (or even many destinations). Special interest guidebooks can inform readers about their existing, or new, area of interest.

What is a Special Interest Resort?

Special Interest Resort Minimum Requirements Class “AAA” Class “AA” Class “A” Special Interest Resort Location The resort shall The resort shall The resort shall The camp and and be situated in a be located in a be located in a ground sites Environment suitable suitable area suitable area shall be well- location free …

What is special interest travel agency?

Special Interest Tour Packages

These are tours that are different from the usual touristy stuff & focus on a particular activity for which a particular region or place is famous.

What is the difference between mass tourism and special interest tourism?

Mass tourism (Vainikka, 2013) refers to the act of visiting a destination with large amounts of people at one time, while niche tourism (also referred to as “specialty tourism”) usually focuses on a specific concept or topic, that could be art, food, sports, or whatever else. …

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What factors influence special interest holidays?

Special Interest Holidays and Independent Travel

  • Motivational theories e.g. plog.
  • Hobbies and interests.
  • Meet new people.
  • Health tourism.
  • Media influences.

What do you understand by VFR?

Travel for the purpose of visiting friends or relatives (VFR travel) is a concept first defined by the travel and tourism industry and included travelers whose main purpose of travel was family‐related, and were therefore distinct from tourist, business, or long‐term travelers such as missionaries or other volunteers.

What is meant by dark tourism?

Dark tourism refers to visiting places where some of the darkest events of human history have unfolded. That can include genocide, assassination, incarceration, ethnic cleansing, war or disaster — either natural or accidental.

Why is tourism industry unique?

The tourism industry not only generates revenues for a country and cultural wealth, but it is also one of the most important economic engines for growth and development. Globalization, as well as diplomatic relations among countries, has made traveling increasingly common.

What kind of tourism is Voluntourism?

The term voluntourism is a combination of the words volunteer and tourism. It is also sometimes referred to as volunteer travel or volunteer vacation. Voluntourism is a form of tourism in which travelers participate in voluntary work, typically for a charity. Voluntourists range in age and come from all over the world.