How many tourists visit Greece each year?

How many tourist does Greece get a year?

In 2018, inbound tourism to Greece was at an all-time high with a record 33.1 million international tourist arrivals, an increase of 9.7% over 2017. Tourists from other EU countries accounted for almost two-thirds of total visits, an increase of 15.1% over the previous year.

How many tourists did Greece have in 2019?

Approximately 34.2 million arrivals were recorded at travel accommodation in Greece in 2019. International tourism was the highest contributor, with around two thirds of arrivals in visitor accommodation coming from a foreign country. Since 2009 international visitor numbers to Greece have steadily increased.

How many UK tourists visit Greece each year?

Before the pandemic hit, in 2019, the average UK resident was abroad for a total of 9.7 nights and spent £670 while there. In total, 93.1 million trips were taken, amounting to £62.3 billion spent abroad by tourists from the UK.

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2019 3.44
2018 2.91
2017 2.71
2016 2.72

Who are the biggest tourists in Greece?

Since 2019, visitors from Germany and the United Kingdom have constituted the largest number of inbound tourists in Greece. However, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic complicated travel for tourists and the country experienced a significant drop in arrivals as a result.

How many tourists visit the Parthenon each year?

Today, the Parthenon is one of the most recognizable icons and popular tourist attractions in the world. About 7.2 million people visit the Parthenon each year.

How many tourists visit Athens each year?

Athens reported more international air arrivals in 2021 than in 2020. Overall, there were roughly 3.79 million tourists who visited the Greek capital using air transport in 2021.

How many people visit Athens 2019?

No less than 3 cities in Greece are among the top 100 most popular destinations worldwide. In 2019 Athens reached the 41st place with 6.30 million tourists.

How many tourists visit the Acropolis each year?

The Acropolis welcomed about 1.8 million visitors as of 2018, and over 14.5 million visitors since it first opened to the public in 2009, according to Greek Travel Pages. It is easily one of the most recognizable and popular attractions in Athens.

What country has the most tourists in the world?

Most Visited Countries 2022

Country International Tourist Arrivals
France 89,400,000
Spain 83,700,000
United States 79,300,000
China 65,700,000

Why is Greece such a popular tourist destination?

Greece has been a major tourist destination and attraction in Europe since the 1970s for its rich culture and history, which is reflected in large part by its 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among the most in Europe and the world as well as for its long coastline, many islands, and beaches.

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What percentage of Greek economy is tourism?

Tourism accounts for 18% of Greece’s GDP and employs more than 900,000 people, accounting for one fifth of the workforce. The number of international tourist arrivals rose from 15,000,000 in 2010 to over 16,000,000 million in 2011, marking a 10% increase.

How many tourists visit Mykonos?

Mykonos is one of its most popular destinations, attracting more than a million visitors each summer, among them Hollywood stars, models and world-famous athletes.

How many tourists visited Turkey 2019?

Turkey attracted a record number of visitors with 51.9 million people in 2019, according to official data. Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) on Jan. 31 announced that the country welcomed 51.9 million visitors last year, a rise of 13.7 percent from the previous year.

What is the most visited city in Greece?


It goes without saying that Athens is by far Greece’s most visited spot by tourists worldwide. Athens is referred to as the historical capital of Europe and in 1834, it became the capital of the modern Greek state.