How many tours did it take to get an Australium?

What are the odds of getting Australium?

In another thread, it was effectively determined (with some margin of error) that australium weapons have a drop rate of 4% upon tour completion regardless of the tour count (avg of 1 australium every 25 tours).

Can you get an Australium from any tour?

Australium weapons can be obtained after a tour of two cities, mecha engineer.

Do all MVM tours give Australium?

whats your ratio? You can only receive an Australium item when completing the Advanced Two Cities Tour. You can not win Australiums from other Tours, those provide botkiller weapons instead.

How rare is it to get an Australium weapon?

Depending on the weapon its a 0.66% chance. Theres 20 australiums, each class gets 2 (exept demoman where he gets 3) but 1 australium weapon known as the Golden Frying Pan is the most rarest type of australium ever (Only 11 are found) & hasn’t been identified in drop rate.

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Can you get an Aussie from gear grinder?

Australium weapons are granted from Operation Two Cities, Operation Gear Grinder, and Operation Mecha Engine, while Killstreak Kits and Killstreak Kit Fabricators are only rewarded in Operation Two Cities.

Can you craft a tour of duty ticket?

ToD tickets are classified as a “craft item”, yet all of them are uncraftable.

Is Australium real?

In Team Fortress 2, Australium is a fictional super metal that is obviously found in Australia. It is very isolated, rare, is well known for its ability to hyperextend a human’s life span, and most impressively, is able to advance human technology by Leaps and Bounds.

How do I get Australian tf2?

Australium weapons are a very rare classification of weapons introduced in the Two Cities Update. Similar to Botkiller weapons, they are unique reskins of specific weapons and have a low chance to be awarded upon completing a full Advanced or Expert Tour of Duty in Mann Up mode.

Is the Golden Wrench tradable?

The Golden Wrench is a distributed melee weapon unique to the Engineer. It is similar to a regular Wrench, but the majority of it is made out of Australium.

Golden Wrench
Released: July 1, 2010 Patch
Availability: Distributed (expired)
Tradable: No
Craftable: Yes

Is tour of duty worth it tf2?

It’s only worth it if you want to play mostly for fun. Aussies are rare, and the chances of getting the aussie you want is even rarer. If you’re after a shiny gun, it’s generally cheaper to just buy it from the market. If you want to play for fun like I do, go for it.

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How long is a tour of duty tf2?

Each mission has 3 to 8 waves in it and will take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour for a competent team depending on the length. The upper limit to how long it can take is determined by the tenacity of bad players willing to stay on without ragequitting.

How many tour of duty tickets do I need for two cities?

You need 4 tickets for two cities.

How do you complete a tour in tf2?

so you have to play mvm 3 times to complete a tour? No, you select a tour, then complete all missions in said tour. Then you have completed the tour.

How much is an Australium flamethrower worth?

After purchase, this item: will not be tradable for one week.


Price Quantity
$48.04 1
$47.56 or less 115

How much is an Australium sniper worth?

The appearance of items in the individual listings may vary slightly from the one above. For example, items could have custom names, descriptions, or colors. After purchase, this item: will not be tradable for one week.


Price Quantity
$65.15 or less 133