How much does an Indian e tourist visa cost?

How much does an Indian E visa cost from UK?

Online Indian visa application. Submitting an Indian visa application is easily done with the online application form. Filling in the online form usually takes no more than fifteen minutes. After filling it in, you pay the visa fee of £39.95 per person.

How much is a 30 day tourist visa for India?

The cost of your Indian tourist e-visa can vary based on your duration of stay as well as your nationality. On average, an Indian tourist e-visa can cost around $20 to $40 for a 30-days stay from one of the countries which have been approved to have a low COVID-19 cases rate.

Is e-tourist visa to India free?

Sitharaman had said in June 2021 once visa issuance is started the first 500,000 tourist visas will be issued free of charge. The scheme will be applicable till March 31 2022 and will reduce government income by around Rs 100 crore. . This would incentivise short-term tourists visiting India, she had said.

How long does an Indian E visa take?

Most e-Tourist visa applications are approved in 2-4 business days. Travelers receive the visa for India by email.

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Can UK citizen apply for Indian e visa?

British citizens are eligible to apply for the India eVisa, the quickest and most convenient way to obtain the travel permit. The request can be made from anywhere in the UK, with no need to visit an embassy or consulate.

How do I pay for an eVisa to India?


  1. Apply online. Upload Photo and Passport Page.
  2. Pay eVisa fee online. Using Credit / Debit card / Payment Wallet.
  3. Receive ETA Online. Electronic Travel Authorization/ETA Will be sent to your e-mail.
  4. Fly To India. Print ETA and present at Immigration Check Post where eVisa will be stamped on passport.

How much does an Indian eVisa cost from Australia?

Others are not available due to COVID

India visa Type Fee for Australian Citizens Remarks
e-Tourist Visa 1 Year $40 (54 AUD) 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Business Visa $100 (135 AUD) 365 Days – Multiple Entry
e-Conference Visa $100 (135 AUD) 30 Days – Single Entry
e-Medical Visa $100 (135 AUD) 60 Days – Triple Entry

When India will open for tourists?

On November 15, India reopened for tourism for the first time since the pandemic. Arrivals from all countries are allowed, though there are restrictions depending on where you come from until February 14. After that, the restrictions will depend on vaccination status.

Can I apply for Indian tourist visa now?

Tourists welcome in India again

Since 15 November 2021, it is again possible to travel to India with a tourist visa. You can apply for the required Indian visa with the online application form on this website. You will then receive the visa by email. It allows you to travel to India for a stay of up to 30 days.

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Which country is to offer eVisa facility to Indian tourist?


Interestingly, it is the only Gulf Country that provides an E-Visa to Indians.