What are the types of occupation based on tourism?

What is tourism occupation?

The tourism industry can be divided into five career areas: accommodation, food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation and travel services. All of these areas involve providing services to people who visit BC from other parts of the country and the world.

What kind of jobs are there in the tourism industry?

Hospitality and Tourism Careers List

  • BANQUET & CONFERENCES. A demanding, yet high energy career working in hotels, resorts and conference centers setting up rooms and servicing events. …

What are the best courses in tourism?

Below are some popular Travel and Tourism courses.

  • BA in Travel & Tourism Management.
  • BSc in Travel & Tourism Management.
  • BBA in Travel & Tourism Management.
  • BA Tourism Studies.
  • BA in Travel & Tourism.
  • Bachelor of Tourism Studies.
  • Certificate course in Travel & Tourism.
  • Cruise Line Operations and Management.

Why is tourism an important occupation in the island?

1 Tourism is an important occupation in Islands as it helps the people of these islands to earnmoney through providing services to the tourists.

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Is tourism is an important secondary occupation?

Answer: Tourism is an important occupation in the Lakshadweep Islands but certainly it is not the only occupation in the Lakshadweep Islands. The economy of Lakshadweep is mainly dependent on agriculture, fishery, and other industries like boat building industry, coir industry etc.

What are examples of two careers that are new to the tourism industry?

14 careers in the tourism industry

  • Housekeeper. National average salary: $11.84 per hour. …
  • Bartender. National average salary: $11.98 per hour. …
  • Front desk agent. National average salary: $12.27 per hour. …
  • Customer service representative. …
  • Concierge. …
  • Social media specialist. …
  • Chef. …
  • Event specialist.

Does tourism have math?

Do not enroll in Tourism just because you think there is no Math subjects or Sciences here. You will be mostly dealing with people of different nationalities and personalities so a good physique plus well-stocked head is necessary.

What should I do after BBA tourism?

BBA in Travel and Tourism Management Jobs

  • Travel Agency staff.
  • Travel and Tourism Consultant.
  • Travel Agent.
  • Tour Operator.
  • Ticketing staff.
  • Air hostess.
  • Airline employee / Airport staff.
  • Entrepreneur.

Which job is best for travelling?

21 Best Jobs For People Who Love To Travel!

  1. Flight Attendant. Source Flight Attendance is one of the best jobs that allow you to travel extensively. …
  2. Cruise Ship Worker. …
  3. International Aid Worker. …
  4. Foreign Service Worker. …
  5. English Teacher. …
  6. Tour Guide. …
  7. Writer. …
  8. Sports Instructor.

What are tourism subjects?

It focuses on cultural aspects such as travel, language, and history. Another closely related program BS Tourism Management, on the other hand, concentrates more on business consciousness, entrepreneurship, and hospitality.

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What do they study in tourism?

Tourism and travel courses will deepen your understanding about tourism as an activity, how the tourism industry is organised and developed, and how tourism influences society locally, nationally and globally. The travel and tourism industry cover several types of careers from service to executive positions.

What course is a flight attendant?

Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) with Flight Attendant Course. The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management (BSTM) with Flight Attendant Course is a four-year degree program recommended for those who have a career in field of tourism and event management.