What is one of the risk factors Dcsa uses to evaluate foreign ownership control or influence situations?

What is foreign ownership control or influence?

Foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI) is a state that may affect a company’s ability to qualify for or maintain an entity eligibility determination, also known as a Facility Security Clearance (FCL).

What can happen to a US company where there is foreign ownership control or influence?

A company is considered to be under foreign ownership, control or influence whenever a foreign interest has power over the company, direct or indirect, whether or not exercised, and whether or not exercisable, in a manner which may result in unauthorized access to classified information or may adversely affect the …

What DoD system do cleared contractors use to report information concerning foreign ownership control or influence?

Reports affecting personnel and reports affecting personnel security clearances are submitted to PSMO-I using the DoD System of Record. Reports affecting the FCL and your ability to protect classified information are sent to the DSS IS Rep.

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What is the FOCI mitigation proxy agreement?

FOCI Mitigation: The instruments and agreements put in place to reduce the effect of FOCI on a company’s management decisions, and thus reducing the risk of unauthorized access to classified information.

What does foci stand for?


Acronym Definition
FOCI Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence
FOCI Fisheries Oceanography Coordinated Investigations
FOCI Foundations of Computational Intelligence
FOCI Focus on Contemporary Issues (Reaktion Books)

Which of these in conjunction with the Nispom requires the contractor to comply with the requirements in the Nispom that pertain to their facility’s classified operations?

Department of Defense Security Agreement

In conjunction with this agreement, the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual, or NISPOM, requires the contractor to comply with the requirements specified in the NISPOM that pertain to its classified operations.

What is an industrial security agreement function?

A Security Agreement (DD Form 441) is a legally binding document that commits the contractor to establish a security program that meets National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) requirements. A. True. B. False.

What is a foreign interest?

Foreign Interest — Any foreign government, agency of a foreign government, or representative of a foreign government; any form of business enterprise or legal entity organized, chartered or incorporated under the laws of any country other than the U.S. or its possessions and trust territories, and any person who is not …

Which Department of Defense DOD policy guidance document should you consult for procedures for foci determination and mitigation?

In FOCI cases involving any foreign ownership or control, DSS will advise and consult with the appropriate GCAs, including those with special security needs, regarding the required FOCI mitigation or negation method and provide those GCAs with the details of the FOCI factors and any associated risk assessments.

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Which of the following manuals provide security guidelines for contractors?

The National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) establishes the standard procedures and requirements for all government contractors, with regards to classified information. It covers the entire field of government-industrial security-related matters.

What must be reported for security clearance?

The unauthorized receipt of classified material; Significant vulnerabilities discovered in equipment or systems designed to protect classified information. You must immediately report any situation related to actual, probable, or possible espionage, sabotage, or subversive activities directed at the United States.

What is adverse information security clearance?

Adverse information consists of any information that negatively reflects on the integrity or character of a cleared employee, that suggests that his or her ability to safeguard classified information may be impaired, or that his or her access to classified information clearly may not be in the interest of national …

What is foci in government contracts?

U.S. government contracts that require access to classified information will not be awarded to companies operating under foreign ownership, control or influence (FOCI) unless adequate safeguards are in place to protect national security interests.

What is a security control agreement?

The Security Control Agreement (SCA) may be used when the cleared company is not effectively owned or controlled by a foreign entity and the foreign interest is entitled to representation on the company’s governing board. (

What is a foci clearance?

Foreign Ownership, Control, or Influence (FOCI) affects an organization’s ability to obtain and maintain a facility security clearance in a number of ways. Whether an organization is applying for a Confidential, Secret, or Top Secret facility security clearance, FOCI is always assessed by the U.S. government.

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